Two Component Paint

The main components of two-component marking paint include resin, pigments and fillers. Among them, resin is the key component that determines the properties of paint and the quality of markings. The main resin of two-component marking paint is usually methyl methacrylate (MMA), and a few manufacturers use modified mixed resins to improve the performance and service life of the markings.

1. Long life
The two-component marking paint can firmly adhere to the ground and glass beads after full reaction, greatly extending the reflection and service life of the markings.
2. Wear resistance
The polymerization reaction of the two components forms a network molecular structure, which tightly combines the various components in the paint into a dense whole. The network molecular structure formed by the two components is a polymer material with extremely large molecular weight and has excellent physical properties. Resistance.
3. Weather resistance
High-quality two-component markings will not crack at low temperatures and will not soften at high temperatures. It also effectively resists ultraviolet rays and will hardly age during use.
4. Easy to construct
Two-component marking paint can be sprayed on almost any surface without heating or open flame, making it safe and clean. There is no need to worry about uneven road surfaces, repeated spraying will not cause flow or accumulation, and can be applied at low temperatures.
5. Easy to maintain
Two-component marking paint can be sprayed on old lines without removing them.
6. Easy to clean
The dense paint film formed after the two-component marking paint is cured can effectively prevent the penetration of chemical substances and make the markings permanently visible. Even if high-quality two-component markings are used for a long time in heavily polluted environments, their visibility can be easily restored through high-pressure water washing.
7. Comfort
Text or guide arrows made by spraying technology can reduce the vibration when wheels roll over and improve safety and comfort when passing at high speeds.
8. Environmental protection
High-quality two-component marking paint contains almost no solvents and relies solely on chemical reactions to cure. Therefore, there are very few volatile organic compounds and no impact on the environment and construction workers.


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